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11/28/2006 - Permlight Launches 4” Fixed LED Recessed Down Light in Warm White and Cool White for Residential, Retail and Commercial Applications
09/06/2023 - Permlight Announces Issuance of LED Luminaire Patent for Modular LED Products Mounted to Junction Boxes and Recessed Cans
08/06/2023 - Permlight Offers Aggressive Discounted Pricing to Hawaiian Customers to Conserve Energy and Reduce Dependency on Fossil Fuel
07/21/2006 - The Future of Residential Lighting– Permlight LED Lighting used in Warmington Fiori Homes in Carlsbad California
06/02/2023 - Permlight Extensive LED Lighting Solutions Support New IRS Procedure that Enables Commercial Property Owners and Leaseholders to Qualify for Energy Efficiency Deduction
06/02/2023 - Permlight Sells Edgelit LED Business to NYC Glass
05/25/2006 - Permlight Introduces LED 6" Can Product for Residential Applications
05/21/2006 - Permlight Introduces Enbryten Bullet LED Lighting System for Signs and General Illumination
03/27/2006 - Permlight Announces Support of GU-24 Standard With Class 2 Self Ballasted Dimmable LED System
03/20/2006 - Permlight Introduces Enbryten InWall LED Recessed Fixtures for Homes, Hotels, and Theater Applications
03/20/2006 - Permlight Expands Lighting Showroom Presence and Announces Upcoming Homes Featuring Residential LED Products
03/06/2023 - Permlight Announces Underwriters Laboratories as its Vendor of the Year
01/23/2006 - Permlight Introduces EnbrytenLED Radiance Glass Pendants for Residential Builders and Restaurants
01/16/2006 - Permlight Introduces Collection Light Technology for Sign Industry
11/16/2005 - Permlight Introduces 4” Recessed LED Can Light for Residential Applications
11/15/2005 - Permlight Introduces New PZ Series Ultra-Low Cost White Product for Replacing Neon
11/14/2005 - Permlight LED Recessed Can Lights Selected As One of the Top-10 Green Building Products For 2005
11/02/2023 - Permlight LED Systems: Lighting New Residence for Homeless Families
10/07/2022 - Permlight Announces Record Revenue and Profitability
10/04/2023 - Permlight Launches LED Virtual World
09/06/2023 - Permlight LED Systems Lighting American Indian Nation Homes with Red Feather
06/07/2022 - Permlight’s EnbrytenLED dimmable electronic ballast technology greatly reduces LED system cost and integration complexity and paves a road for faster adoption in general illumination.
05/28/2005 - Permlight Increases White Twiste’R Brightness and Lifetime
05/17/2005 - Permlight Introduces EnbrytenLED line of Residential Luminaires
05/05/2023 - ‘UK Best Illuminated Sign 2005’ uses the Permlight El Blanco LED Lighting System
03/29/2005 - Permlight Files Suit Against Gelcore
03/28/2005 - Permlight Settles Patent Infringement Lawsuit Against ElectraLED
03/15/2005 - Permlight and Osram Aim to Stop Movie Piracy
02/11/2022 - Permlight Products Files Patent Infringement Suit Against Electraled
02/04/2023 - Adex Platinum Awarded to Permlight for Enbryten Retrofit LED Product
02/01/2023 - Permlight and Chloride Systems Co-Develop Patented Emergency Lighting Systems
01/28/2005 - Permlight Announces Issuance of Key Thermal Management Patent
12/20/2004 - Permlight Settles Patent Lawsuit
11/16/2004 - Permlight Announces Issuance of 21 Additional Patent Claims
09/10/2022 - Permlight Introduces Enbryten Spot for Billboard, Parking Lot, and Wall Wash Applications
08/03/2023 - Permlight and USLED Settled Patent-Infringement Lawsuit.
05/03/2023 - Permlight Files LED Fixture Patent Infringement Suit Against Tempo Industries
04/02/2023 - Permlight's LED Systems Win Sign of the Year for UK
03/30/2004 - Permlight Awarded Sixth Patent for LED Lighting Systems
03/26/2004 - Mark Stanley Joins Permlight as Chief Information Officer
02/20/2004 - Permlight Files Patent Infringement Suit Against USLED
02/09/2022 - Permlight and KolorFusion Enter Into Joint Development Agreement
02/03/2023 - Permlight and Laminators Inc Enter Into Strategic Alliance
11/14/2003 - Permlight Settles Patent Lawsuit with SloanLED
11/01/2023 - Permlight Launches PaletteLight - Color Choices of Neon, Benefits of an LED System
09/10/2022 - Permlight and Duraled Enter Into Strategic Relationship
08/04/2023 - Permlight Files Patent Infringement Suit Against SloanLED
06/19/2003 - Permlight Announces Award of Key LED Patent